Our Mission

big wooden cross on green grass field under the white clouds

What is Vanguard’s Mission?

By the grace of God, we seek to be all these things in order to fulfill our one true task as a church—to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:18-20, Luke 24:47- 49, John 10:16-18, Acts 1:8). The Lord Jesus does not call the church to make political pronouncements, to labor for social justice, to reweave the culture, or to work for some kind of quasi utopia. The world is utterly corrupt because people are corrupt. Our task is to disciple and the Lord Jesus tells us exactly how to do His bidding. We are to:

go, meaning intentionally, locally, regionally, and globally.

baptize, which assumes bringing in a harvest of souls through evangelistic work;

teach our people to observe all He has commanded us, bringing them to spiritual maturity.

None of this is possible without the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in every aspect of our ministries, supported through fervent, earnest, heartfelt prayer. If you wish to join us in this exciting though daunting task, we welcome your inquiries.

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