Synthetic Christianity

Georg William Frederick Hegel (1770-1831) was a German philosopher whose dialectical method has become the dominant thought pattern for most people in the world today—including so-called evangelical pastors and theologians in the United States. His methodology is non-evangelical to the core and it is a dangerous inconsistency for any Christian to hold to it. ItContinue reading “Synthetic Christianity”

Rise Up and Evangelize!

Perhaps the greatest book ever written on the Christian ministry was Charles Bridges’ The Christian Ministry. Bridges (1794-1869) was a Church of England minister and one of the leaders in the Evangelical party that witnessed a revival of sound ministers in that denomination during the nineteenth century. When the godly Robert M. McCheyne went to IsraelContinue reading “Rise Up and Evangelize!”

None Dare Call It Heresy? 

After writing last week’s article about the friendship that is developing between Doug Wilson and some Reformed Baptist pastors, I received thanks from many corners and rebukes from a few corners. I was accused by one person of slandering a “dear brother”, Doug Wilson, by one person. Anyone who has read either one of myContinue reading “None Dare Call It Heresy? “

Jesus of Nazareth—Jesus’ Backsliding Disciples (Matthew 17:24-27 and Mark 9:33-37)

In Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul, Octavius Winslow wrote:  An uncharitable spirit towards other Christians, marks a low state of grace in the soul. The more entirely the heart is occupied with the love of Christ, there will be less room for uncharitableness for his saints. It is because there is soContinue reading “Jesus of Nazareth—Jesus’ Backsliding Disciples (Matthew 17:24-27 and Mark 9:33-37)”

The Missionary Nature of the Church

Acts 16:6-10 gives us an account of the Macedonian call to Paul to come over to Philippi and help the western world. Paul wanted to go east, but he writes that he “was forbidden by the Holy Spirit” (Acts 16:6) and that “the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them” (Acts 16:7) to do so.Continue reading “The Missionary Nature of the Church”

Shall I Be Baptized?

In his Institutes of the Christian Religion, the great John Calvin wrote the following concerning the various modes of baptism: But whether a person being baptized should be wholly immersed, and whether thrice or once, whether he should only be sprinkled with poured water—these details are of no importance, but ought to be optional to churchesContinue reading “Shall I Be Baptized?”

Questions that Deserve Answers

I frequently get emails or telephone calls from people asking questions about Vanguard Presbytery—how we got started, what is our relationship with other reformed denominations, what we believe, how we are governed, etc. The questions are usually similar enough that there is value in writing some general answers to them for this email.  Q 1. WhyContinue reading “Questions that Deserve Answers”