Questions About Vanguard

There are a number of questions about Vanguard Presbytery that people ask me. Sometimes, people I do not know will email me with questions. Other times, people will ask me in person. Then, there are those questions that filter back to me. A friend recently asked me this question: Is Vanguard Presbytery just a bunchContinue reading “Questions About Vanguard”

A Conversation with a Darwinian

            On Monday, October 24, 2022, I flew out of country for a mission trip. On the first leg of my flight, I sat by a fellow resident of Destin where I live. He was previously unknown to me, but we quickly exchanged greetings. One statement led to another and I informed him that I amContinue reading “A Conversation with a Darwinian”

The Unity of the Church

On October 18-19, 1966, Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave a lecture at the Second National Assembly of Evangelicals in Great Britain on the subject of “Evangelical Unity: An Appeal.” His lecture proved to be controversial with many evangelicals in attendance and was openly opposed by John Stott as contrary to the whole history of theContinue reading “The Unity of the Church”

Coming to Christ

Vanguard Presbyterian Church is a distinctly evangelistic denomination by our common confession and conviction. Yet, we need to be even more evangelistic than we are. In all the things that are being lost in our modern world, the gospel is the most precious. The gospel is preached today in the  sense that Jonathan Edwards condemned inContinue reading “Coming to Christ”

Few Things Are Necessary

There was an occasion in the home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus in Bethany when Jesus was teaching those gathered around Him. Mary was sitting at His feet, eagerly listening to everything He was teaching. Martha, as a conscientious and dutiful host, was busy with her many preparations, trying to make sure that her guestsContinue reading “Few Things Are Necessary”

Do We Need a New Log College?

Sharon James[1], a friend from London, sent me a podcast by an atheist, James Lindsay, a couple of weeks ago on the topic of Critical Theory. Critical Theory is the Marxist view from which Critical Race Theory is derived. What is interesting about Lindsay’s podcast is that he understands what is happening in the seminariesContinue reading “Do We Need a New Log College?”