Vanguard Presbytery’s Glorious Convocation

Vanguard Presbytery’s Glorious Convocation             In one of his writings, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was emphasizing the importance of Christians attending every service of their congregation that they could. His main point was that if they missed a service that might be the one in which the Holy Spirit was poured out and they would miss thatContinue reading “Vanguard Presbytery’s Glorious Convocation”

Whither Vanguard Presbytery

Vanguard Presbytery: Whither Vanguard Presbytery?             Last week, there were almost 100 people registered for the Convocation of Vanguard Presbytery to be held at the Stephens Valley Church in Nashville on Thursday, July 30, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In these days of reduced attendance at all churches, I think that is excellent. IContinue reading “Whither Vanguard Presbytery”

The Way Forward

Dear friends,             First, before I write a brief message, I want to solicit your help. Apparently, The Aquila Report is no longer willing to publish any of the articles I write. I need your help in finding alternative ways to get the news out about Vanguard Presbytery. Your feedback is appreciated.             Second, we are workingContinue reading “The Way Forward”