Safeguards Against Progressivism

            A question I am often asked whenever I visit with pastors and churches is this: How is Vanguard Presbytery going to prevent the same thing happening in her communion that has happened to the PCUS, PCA, and multitudes of other denominations. Here are the things I tell people:             First, the downfall of my former denominationContinue reading “Safeguards Against Progressivism”

Principles Versus Coalitions

            There was an article in ByFaith Magazine recently by Dr. Roy Taylor, “The PCA, Facing the Future,” in which he asked the question: “Will we maintain our coalition?” I did not read the article and do not know the answer Taylor gave, but here is my answer to his question. No, no denomination based on a coalition can long maintainContinue reading “Principles Versus Coalitions”


Dear friends,             This week I am sending out to you an article by TE Al Baker giving his reasons for leaving the PCA and uniting with Vanguard Presbytery. Al has been received into Vanguard and will be an evangelist. Next week I will write another article setting forth the Scriptural arguments for the permanency ofContinue reading “Update”

PCA Study Committee Report

Dear friends,             The PCA Study Committee released their report last Thursday morning and that report has now apparently been removed from the PCA website. I was finishing my sermon last Thursday and did not have time to write a review of it. I also like to analyze such things carefully before reaching a conclusion. LastContinue reading “PCA Study Committee Report”

How to Lead Your Church to Leave a Heterodox Denomination

            In his sermon series on the Epistle to the Ephesians, Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones described in one sermon the importance of the hobnailed shoes of the Roman soldiers: Now what was the object of that, why did they do that, why was this provided for the Roman soldier? The answer is quite clear. First, heContinue reading “How to Lead Your Church to Leave a Heterodox Denomination”

Distinctives: New Light Presbyterianism

            In 1741 and again in 1838, the Presbyterian Church was divided into separate denominations over theological issues which were, in each instance, identified as Old and New camps. That superficial similarity has caused a great deal of confusion on the part of many church members, pastors, and even theologians. The confusion continues down to thisContinue reading “Distinctives: New Light Presbyterianism”